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XX Cycles is a unique two-man collaboration. It is a cooperative, comprehensive and  core-competent approach to custom motorcycle design and building.

At XX Cycles, egos are checked at the door. Both men prefer to remain behind the scenes. This is not about fame or notoriety. This is all about two-wheeled machines built to serve the needs of discriminating motorcycle owners and riders.

X1 is one half of this team. He specializes in the heavy duty, ground-up, basic engineering  of each and every vehicle that rolls out of XX Cycles doors. X1 custom fabricates entire motorcycle frames from specially selected heat-treated raw alloy steel stock. He substantially alters and enhances engines and powertrains for maximum effect. His mechanical and design wizardry extends to welding, machining, materials selection and structural analysis. He builds the foundation of the XX Cycle product.

X2 is the design and integration genius at XX Cycles.  X2's forte's are many-fold - billet part fabrication, metal finishing, ergonomics, paint and  assembly. He takes the brilliance of X1 and metamorphoses it into a turn-key, highly innovative and fully  completed, work of art.  That also happens to take you down the road. With speed. With power. With reliability. With confidence.

Please navigate via "The Bikes" link above for  a review of XX Cycle's recent portfolio of completed machines.

And, Ride safe!


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