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At XX-Cycles self-sufficiency is the name of the game.  If you want it done right -- you do it yourself. So, XX-Cycles does things themselves. And, gets it right.

A hallmark of XX-Cycles is their
extensive use of  custom fabricated brackets, tabs and fastening methods. Billet aluminum, powder coatings and stainless steel assure road-resistant finishes and a long durable life. Widespread use of chrome plating is avoided due to hydrogen embrittlement. Lightening holes are applied carefully and conservatively.

XX-Cycles handles every s
ignificant step of the motorycycle creation process, IN HOUSE.  For example, all painting is prepped, sprayed and finished in XX-Cycles' own modern paint shop. Seat construction -- metal bases, leather coverings,  stitching and foam  --  is done by X1 himself.

All of these detail parts are made and finished by hand. No two are alike!

Here are some highlights:

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